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25-badges   25 employee encoded AR badges
5-rolls   5 thermal paper receipt rolls 2 1/4" x 85' 510AR, 610AR, 570AR
510AR-manager-card-   510AR 510AR 570AR lot 2 manager swipe cards
510AR-software-only   510AR Attendance Recorder software only
510AR-direct-2-mi   510AR direct connect kit 2 miles
510AR-direct   510AR kit for direct connect to PC via serial cable
510AR500   510AR Mod 500 Track/monitor Community Service/Volunteer hours, printer, card swipe
510AR   510AR OFFICE FACTORY Employee Time Clock, LCD Attendance Punch/Swipe Payroll Recorder
510AR-phone   510AR phone kit for polling attendance recorder
510AR-load   510AR telephone load of employee database
570AR   570AR Record work hours for Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loans COVID-`19 Employee swipe card time clock w thermal printer
610-battery   610AR battery
610AR   610AR Portable Empoyee Time Clock, card swipe, printing, attendance recorder
510-Car-Charger   9vdc car power adapter for 510AR, 570AR, 610AR Employee Time Clocks.
vx610-Car-Charger   9vdc car power adapter for the for the 510AR, 570AR, 610AR Employee Time Clocks.
rma deposit   deposit on machine
RTC   fix verifone bad rtc chip TAMPER & password reset vx510 510le 610
TAMPER   fix verifone tamper vx510. vx570, 5700/5750
gift-card-ship   gift cards ship on 1000
10-badges   lot 10 AR swipe cards
Soft-Touch-logo-Cards   lot 10 Soft Touch POS LOGO Server Swipe Employee ID Cards
520-lot-100   lot 100 Verifone Vx520 custom keypad overlays
Soft-Touch-blank-Cards   Soft Touch blank Server Swipe Employee ID Cards lot of 5
SoftTouch gift card deposit   SoftTouch gift cards deposit on 1000
test   test
Verifone-serial-download-cable   Verifone download cable back to back 05651-00
vx510-paper-cover   VeriFone Paper Cover with roller assembly Vx510 Vx510le 610 omni 3730
Verifone PC Download Cable   Verifone PC Download Cable
Vx570-12-mb-dual-refurb   Verifone vx570 dual comm 12 mb credit card POS machine
Vx570-modem   Verifone Vx570 Dual Comm modem module, Upgrade DIAL to DUAL (Ethernet + Dial)
vx570-6-meg-dual-refurb   verifone vx570/5700 dual comm 6 mb credit card POS machine
vx510-adapter   Vx 510 520 570 610 omni 3730 Verifone mini switching wall power adapter
Vx570-adapter   vx570 power adapter w ac cord

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